Crispy Jalapeño Lentils Unit

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Lentils Crunchy Jalapeño SEEDS 4.7. A delicious snack based on crispy baked lentils with multiple health benefits.


Due to its low calorie intake and the high amount of nutrients it contains, lentils are considered one of the foods with the highest density of nutrients and fiber. Among the main health benefits are:

Vitamin K
It is very rich in fiber.
High contribution of calcium and iron.
It helps control weight, because it nourishes without adding fat or calories, it is a low sodium food that provides a feeling of satiety and is high in fiber.

How to use: Crunchy lentils are ideal to eat as a snack at any time of the day, they are also an ideal accompaniment to granola and cereals, perfect to place on top of wraps, accompany meats, chickens; topping for pizzas, hamburgers, salads, among others.

Conservation: Store in a cool, dry place; and protected from direct sunlight.

* After opening the package, consume the content in the shortest possible time or keep it sealed.