Our history

The history of Seeds 4.7 is closely linked to the importance of friendship And that is why our company is more than a community, because the way in which the proposal arose came from the friends of the founder, Miguel Martínez and this is what we seek to reflect as a team.

The whole idea of organic farming began in 2017, with a conversation between Miguel and a good friend about the success of baby carrots and their peculiarities, reaching the possibility of planting and selling them. So it was. They started with the cultivation on a farm in El Retiro and dedicated all day to this new project, but for work and health reasons in the family, his partner had to stop going to the cultivation so often and let Miguel work alone there . This work almost on their own was becoming very difficult, so they decided to put it aside because of all the complications that had arisen.

Later, in the middle of a conversation about this new organic farming project, a friend From Miguel, upon hearing that they were growing kale, he told him about kale chips, which were a hit in the United States and that he had never seen them for sale in Colombia. The idea stuck to everyone so they got together one afternoon to make them in a large oven they had at home and try different flavors. The enthusiasm for the proposal was such that they already had a name and a logo created. But again, for personal family reasons, his new quasi-partner withdrew and left the country. So Miguel was left, for the second time, with a business in his head but without a partner to help him land all his ideas. With the support of their brother Juan Camilo, they began to look for a way to register the trademark and move it forward in any way.

In those days Miguel met a old friend At a party and unraveling from their work life and studies, they talked about business attempts with kale chips and their intentions to create a real product to market. His friend also knew them from the United States and, very excited, volunteered to be their new definitive partner. He made his farm located in Llanogrande available, from which they were taking cattle and there was the possibility of sowing in free space, which was very fertile due to the presence of cattle. After analyzing the terrain well and discussing the proposal very well, they began with the kale crops.

On the other hand, they had to find a place to adapt it as a kitchen and bake the product, and it was there that a friend A nearby company rented the ovens from his company to use them during non-working hours and with the help of one of the employees, who was paid those extra hours, they managed to get enough chips to sell twice a week in a healthy market in Medellin. The product was very well received and other markets began to contact them but they still did not have the production capacity, in addition the team was three young people without much experience, just beginning to know this world of healthy snacks.

This demand for the product forced them to look for an alternative to build their own larger kitchen. The first option was a small house located next to the recreational farm in Llanogrande, but for reasons of adjustments required by Invima, they had to remodel the house. For this reason, they decided that it was a better option to build a small plant next to the house where they would place a much larger oven. Little by little they grew, expanding the space and the employees and on August 17, 2018 they were legally constituted as a company.

So every August they celebrate their anniversary in a very special way not only within the company but also with their followers and clients. That is why we invite you to be very aware of our networks during these dates, because you can be part of this great celebration!

Our Crops

Our kale is grown organically. We use fresh and pure ingredients to flavor the snacks that come to your mouth and we make sure that each bite is full of flavor and nutrients. Our crops are located in Antioquia and we guarantee that they are grown by the best hands

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